Take on the boxing world as a manager on the rise in this deeply detailed and outrageously entertaining sports management sim. Recruit fighters and staff. Cut deals and hype your promotion. Watch it all play out in the ring as your boxer takes you to glory . . . or takes a dive because you didn’t keep him happy! Explore the legendary stories of Rocky Marciano and Sugar Ray Robinson in the first episodes of the storyline campaign in the official sequel to the critically acclaimed and widely beloved World Championship Boxing Manager.


  • Boxing matches come to life as you see the fighters duke it out in the ring through the cinematic Fight Camera!
  • Career mode brings this classic sim world to the next level. Coach boxers and set their training regiment. Improve their abilities and stats as they level up across their careers!
  • Cover your skill gaps and cover more ground by hiring on some help. Choose from different doctors/physical therapists, trainers/cornermen, and secretaries/assistants to help you in your efforts. Each has their own personality, dialogue, risks, and benefits!
  • Get as deep with stats as you like, and find your own way through extensive skill trees
  • Gorgeous pixel visuals with world-renowned boxing IP with Sugar Ray Robinson and Rocky Marciano as legendary coaches.


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World Boxing Championship Manager II Credits

Renan Paris
Lead Developer

Andrew Marsh

Faraz Bahway
Associate Producer

Zack Manko
Narrative Design

Eric Bautista
Pixel Artist

Wesley Clavio
Post and Design

Mitch Foster
Music and Sound Design