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EA 4/12/2023



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Inspired by the events of the movie from Universal Pictures, Dracula has tasked you with a simple job - do everything he wants you to do for the rest of his immortal life. It's a demanding gig, but the benefits are great - immortality, mystic powers and a high-fiber diet of mostly insects.

Bring Your Own Blood is a single-player adventure that combines the simplicity of one-touch gameplay with frenetic, room-based action for a new roguelite experience. With unique stages, dozens of enemies, diabolical bosses and enough weapons for a bug-powered bloody rampage, Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood shows you the ups and downs of being the lackey/employee of the most demanding boss in history - Dracula.


  • Battle Horrifying and Hilarious Horrors
  • A Gore-geous Pixelated World
  • Even More Anarchy and Armaments


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About Skybound Games (Publisher)

Skybound is a company for creators. We’re known for using the Wheel of Awesome to make cool stuff, no matter the platform. We place creators and their projects at the center of the wheel and work with them to keep the integrity of their vision as it becomes a comic, game, TV series, film, audio series, or all of the above.

About Mega Cat Studios (Developer)

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Mega Cat Studios is a creative first video game developer with a retro ethos and a culture of innovation. Their library of past title includes modern platform releases as well as retro, cartridge-only experiences. They believe that zombie meat feels like mayonnaise in a plastic bag and tastes like dry-aged venison caked in bleu cheese and marinated in for several days in raw egg yolk sitting beneath a Florida sun.

Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood Credits

Mega Cat Studios

James Deighan

Chief Vampire Officer

Nate Wilson

Vampire Director

Zack Manko

Executive Fang

Wesley Clavio

Art Director

Andrew Marsh

Dark Lord Of Cinematography

Nate Flynn

Dark Lord Of Creative

Kat Magpantay

Dark Lord Of Production

Alain Godornes

Dark Lord Of Sound


Robert Kirkman


David Alpert

Chief Executive Officer

Jon Goldman

Formaggio Grande

Ian Howe

Managing Partner

Dan Murray

Managing Partner

Carl Neisser

Senior Director, Business Development

Shawn Kittelsen

Vice President, Creative Development

Patrick Gilmore

Executive Vice President, Production

Mark Stanger

General Manager, EMEA

Jason Covey

Senior Vice President, Brand and Marketing

Damian Garcia

Global Marketing Director

Ned Sherman

General Counsel

Pamela Brown

Senior Vice President, Finance